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Inteno responds

Inteno responds to article in PC för Alla


The Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla (”PC for everybody”) has, based on a press release from F-Secure, published an article regarding a security matter in routers. The Swedish technology company Inteno, with its own development of high-end router products and services, clarifies the information in the article.

The article states ” Security flaw in several routers found”.

“As a router technology supplier, we recommend operators in the configuration of the system software to ensure that default passwords are changed, IP access lists are implemented, certificate-based remote monitoring (TR069) and similar measures are taken. These are features found in our products, but we as a manufacturer cannot take responsibility that they always are used and implemented”, says Conny Franzén, CEO at the Inteno Group.

He adds that the security issues described in the article presume that the intruder has access to and can manipulate the operator’s network, which in itself is difficult to achieve.

In order to ensure that operators have the best protection, Inteno provides the latest software for all operators. However, it is important that the operator always keep the products updated with the latest system software available.

“As far as we can understand based on the information in the press release and information provided by F-Secure, the system software on the products in question are of older version and with a configuration not optimal from a security perspective. None of these products are manufactured anymore.”

“We will of course help operators who have these products with access to the latest software as well as recommendations on possible more secure configurations”, says Conny Franzén.

Since 2013 the Inteno router products are based on a new unique service delivery platform named iopsys, Inteno open platform system. In addition to high a security level, the iopsys platform give the operators ability to introduce a range of new services. None of the products in F-Secure’s test have iopsys as system software.

Press release as pdf file!

For more information, please contact: 
Conny Franzén, CEO of Inteno Broadband Technology
Telephone: +46 70 770 44 61

About Inteno and iopsys
Inteno is a major supplier of residential gateway software and hardware solutions to European operators and network owners. The Inteno Group has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium. For more information on iopsys, please visit

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