About us

We are driving change

Inteno is an innovative solution supplier within the telecom and broadband industry, and has operated in this market for more than 25 years. During the past 15 years, our focus has been on developing and delivering innovative gateway products and solutions to operators and network owners.

Trond Hovind, Inteno Norge

Trond Hovind, Inteno Norge

We have five business areas: Gateway Products, Software License, Professional Services, Networks and Security. Networks and Security products are offered locally in the Nordics from third party suppliers. Gateway Products, Software License and Professional Services are offered worldwide.

Our gateway products

Designed to meet the requirements of operators and networks owners. The products support DSL, Ethernet and Fiber access as well as Multi-WAN mobile. Wireless in-home connectivity is key, all Inteno gateways support our “WiFi Life” software roadmap enabling full coverage and seamless roaming. The Product design and development aims for top-quality, using technology from leading components suppliers. Our open software platform in combination with the cloud platform strengthens the product offering and competitiveness.

Our Software platform

In 2010 we started the development of our open software platform named iopsys (Inteno Open Platform System). Today iopsys is one of the most advanced, open source, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT. The iopsys concept includes a gateway operating system, a cloud-based management and application platform and a number of applications, both home grown and third party. All Inteno gateways have iopsys inside!