Neither router, extender or repeater. EX400 is all.


Everyone demands a good wifi coverage. But how do you get it?

EX400 will fulfil your needs.

  • Extend the range of your wireless network
  • Excellent wi fi performance
  • Dual band, 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Easy to connect and set up
  • Clear and distinct touch panel

Three devices in one unit

EX400 is flexible. Connect it with a cable from your router and you will get an extender. Or connect it using wireless transmission and you will get a repeater. There is also a possibiltiy to connect it as an accesspoint or a router.

How to place your EX400

When placing your EX400, think like it was a relay run. Your router is probably placed in a corner somewhere. Put you EX400 in reach of your router signal, not too close, not too far away.

Depending on the size and the layout of your home you may need more than one EX400 to get the best wifi coverage.